Ford Focus RS MK3 RDU Rear Drive Unit Air Deflector Cooler

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Ford Focus RS mk3 2.3 Ecoboost 
RDU Cooler/Air Deflector
The Rear Drive Unit on the new Ford Focus RS has already proved a weak point when the car is pushed hard, Causing various dash warnings and track time to be cut short
Because of the design of the rear subframe set up - the RDU is placed up out the way of any airflow, so operating temps will continue to rise. 
This RDU Cooler simply optimises mounting holes which are already on the subframe and is simply a 'bolt on' modification after the installation of 2 Rivnuts - 
No Drilling Required!!
Once installed this will allow air which would normally pass under the car, to be diverted up and straight into the cooling fins on the RDU housing - A simple but very effective design and a must have for anybody who tracks their RS or even just somebody who drives it enthusiastically! 
Ford themselves even designed a similar Rear Diff Cooler on the 2012 Boss 302 Mustang which them became widely sold for all 302 Boss Mustang models.
This is also fine on cars which have been lowered, the test car was on 25mm Lower H&R Springs and the clearance was ok.
We now supply these with black spacers for the complete stealth OEM finish.
Fitting can be done within 20 minutes using the following tools;
Rivnut installation tool
Socket Set (10mm)
Spanner (10mm)